Product Features and Advantages

1. The DC control box has MPPT power tracking function, which is 5 – 10% higher than the common tracking effect.
2. The DC control box has the function of preventing reverse connection of DC power supply. If reverse connection is made, the control box will give an alarm. If the control box without this function is connected to the positive and negative poles of the power supply in reverse, it is ikely to burn down the control box.
3. All our water pump bearings use authentic NSK bearings with low noise, high quality and long service life.
4. The DC series control box can automatically detect whether the power supply is a solar panel or a storage battery. If the power supply of the solar panel is detected, the MPPT power tracking function will be started. If battery is detected, it has low voltage and under voltage protection function.



Our Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor Advantages

1. The grade of magnetic steel is N40SH, with strong magnetism, high temperature resistance and slow demagnetization.
2. The coil is automatically wound by the machine, and the error rate is 0.
3. Our stator, rotor and skeleton are developed and produced by ourselves in order to improve efficiency after data research.
4. Bearing: Authentic Japanese NSK brand.
5. The shaft is made of the whole SS304 material, which is corrosion resistant, not easy to break and bend. The enameled wire is 180 degress high.

Part Material

Cable: 3m black round wire
Pump body: stainless steel
Bearing: NSK
Mesh cover and screws: 304 stainless steel
Motor: permanent magnet synchronous brushless motor
External controller: die-cast aluminum

Model Voltage
Outlet Diameter
Solar Panel
Open Circuit Voltage
3BLSS1.0/30 – D24/80(c) DC24 80 1 30 0.75 ≤50 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSS1.3/50 – D24/140(c) DC24 140 1.3 50 0.75 ≤50 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSS1.8/80 – D24/210(c) DC24 210 1.8 80 0.75 ≤50 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSS1.8/100 – D24/270(c) DC24 270 1.8 100 0.75 ≤50 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSS1.8/120 – D48/500(c) DC48 500 1.8 120 0.75 ≤100 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSS2.3/140 – D48/750(c) DC48 750 2.3 140 0.75 ≤100 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSS2.3/160 – D72/1100(c) DC72 1100 2.3 160 0.75 ≤150 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSS2.3/180 – D72/1200(c) DC72 1200 2.3 180 0.75 ≤150 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER


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