Livestock Water Supply System

The system consists of solar module, solar pump controller, pump, micro-irrigation system and reservoir.
The system uses solar energy to pump water to meet the water needs of plants and animals. No electricity, diesel generators and batteries are needed.
It replaces energy storage and water storage. The whole system is fully automated, maintenance-free, economical and environmentally friendly.

Product Description

Livestock Water Supply System

1. The AC/DC control box has MPPT power tracking function, which is 5 – 10% higher than the common tracking effect;
2. All our water pump bearings use authentic NSK bearings with low noise, high quality and long service life;
3. The impeller of the water pump is made of high-quality plastic.
4. BLS series well pumps, our matching control box, have downhole waterless shutdown function.
When there is a shortage of water in the well, the control box will automatically stop the water pump and automatically detect whether there is water after 30 minutes, thus reducing the probability of the motor being burnt out.
5. GPRS tracking function (optional).

Part Material

Cable: 3m flat blue wire
Pump body: stainless steel
Motor housing: stainless steel
Impeller: plastic
Bearing: NSK brand
Motor: permanent magnet synchronous

Model Voltage
Outlet Diameter
Solar Panel
Open Circuit Voltage
3BLSCAD5.2-75-110V/150V-0.75 AC110/DC150 750 5.2 75 1.25 ≤450 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSCAD5.5-65-110V/150V-0.75 AC110/DC150 750 5.5 65 1.25 ≤450 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSCAD7-46-110V/150V-0.75 AC110/DC150 750 7 46 1.25 ≤450 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSCAD3.8-123-110V/150V-1.1 AC110/DC150 1100 3.8 123 1.25 ≤450 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSCAD6-84-110V/150V-1.1 AC110/DC150 1100 6 84 1.25 ≤450 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSCAD7.5-62-110V/150V-1.1 AC110/DC150 1100 7.5 62 1.25 ≤450 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSCAD3.8-155-110V/150V-1.3 AC110/DC150 1300 3.8 155 1.25 ≤450 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSCAD3.8-180-110V/150V-1.5 AC110/DC150 1500 3.8 180 1.25 ≤450 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSCAD6-125-110V/150V-1.5 AC110/DC150 1500 6 125 1.25 ≤450 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER
3BLSCAD7.5-78-110V/150V-1.5 AC110/DC150 1500 7.5 78 1.25 ≤450 ≥1.3*PUMP POWER